Double, Double

Running time: ~60 minutes   Cast Breakdown:  5 female, 5 or more either (expandable ensemble)

All Emily wants is to make it through this drama club production of Macbeth without ruining her life at her new high school. All the three immortal witches haunting her want is to break the spell that traps them on Earth--which means they must stop the curtain from rising at all.  Soon stranger visions than the King of Scotland ever saw are turning the students against each other, but even the witches haven't foretold just how much Emily's willing to risk for her friends before the charm's wound up. A Shakespearean dramedy about facing your fears. 

We're Not So Different, You And I

Running time: 10 min    Cast breakdown: 2-4 female, 2 either (can double with 2 actors)

Synopsis: Evelyn's life is going smoothly.  Maybe too smoothly.  She's decided she needs someone to help keep her on her toes, but not just any old enemy will toes--she wants a Personal Nemesis.  Today she's interviewing everyone from evil billionaires to supervillains, but only one candidate will truly be a worthy foe, and it's someone she never thought she'd see again.

Previous Productions: 

  • Hudson County Plays at Cathedral Arts Live, Hudson County, NJ (2016)
  • SHEatre, Quickies! 10-minute Play Readings, Cincinnati, OH (2016)
  • Radium Girls Theatre Company, The Radioactive Festival, NYC (2014)

The Sequel

Running time: 10 min   Cast breakdown: 2 male, 2 female, 1 or more zombies of any gender

Synopsis: Apocalypse Rising: Armies Of The Undead is advertised to be the most realistic depiction of zombie warfare ever to hit video game consoles--so of course teenage siblings Pete and Lisa can’t wait to play it.  But as their avatars, Crazy George and Svetlana, set out to fight the zombie hordes, things start to get a little bit too real. Will Pete and Lisa be brought together by their strange new game or will a little honesty prove a dangerous thing?

Lisa (Jaime Lamchick) and Pete (Matthew Miller) are a little overwhelmed.

Lisa (Jaime Lamchick) and Pete (Matthew Miller) are a little overwhelmed.

Svetlana (Ariel Gitlin) and Crazy George (Drew Murtaugh), ready for action.

Svetlana (Ariel Gitlin) and Crazy George (Drew Murtaugh), ready for action.

The Pitch

Running time: 10 min    Cast breakdown: 1 male, 1 female

Synopsis: Things have gone downhill for Lily since she saved the universe. Reduced to working with a jaded studio executive on a screenplay based on her adventures, she's flabbergasted to hear that the truth won't be quite magical enough for certain demographics. Looks like the battle between good and evil's not quite over yet . . .       

Previous Productions:  Manhattan Repertory Theatre, Fall One-Act Play Competition, NYC (Fall 2011) 

Ghost Story

Running time: 45 min    Cast breakdown: 3 female, 1 male, 3+ customers, either 

Synopsis: Charlie wants to play it safe.  She works at the same dilapidated boardwalk haunted house every summer without ever looking inside, she hangs out with her friend Neal without ever acting on her feelings for him, and she writes elaborate, uncanny stories that she refuses to show to anyone. But when a new girl joins the staff who's determined to change everything, Charlie's fear and yearning threaten to fade her into one of the ghosts she chronicles. At the end of the day, who ends up haunted?

Previous Productions: Winner of the Oxnam Award presented by Ensemble Studio Theatre and Drew University, received a reading and dramaturgical work by members of Ensemble Studio Theatre (Spring 2011)


Running time: 10 min    Cast breakdown: 2 female, 1 either

Synopsis: It's Halloween night and the production team of a horror b-movie only has to get one more shot before they go celebrate. Unfortunately, the floundering lead actress is determined to prove her acting chops and really channel fear. Looks like the director and her shady production assistant will have to think up some ways to scare their perfectionistic star.

Third Person Limited

Running time: 10 min    Cast breakdown: 2 female

Synopsis: Anne is unemployed, discouraged, and drifting apart from her friends, but she's determined to change her life story-- and who has more control than the narrator? But when Anne won't part with the third person even when Julie needs help, they'll have to get creative in order to start speaking the same language.     

Previous Productions: Adaptive Arts Theater Company's Third Annual Reading Series, NYC (2012)