Demos from Grand Larceny

Written as part of the Across A Crowded Room event at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center in October 2018.

A grifter posing as a socialite targets an insecure art buyer’s assistant for her latest scam. Will the desk clerk at her swanky Manhattan hotel catch on before she can skip town?

Music: Declan C. Zhang

Lyrics: Kathryn Funkhouser

Book: Marcus Scott

ALLANA: Lindsay Fabes

KATRINA: Jessica M. Fisher

KAYLA: Emily McNally


Demo: “Nothing Like That”

Written for The Resistance Cabaret at the Tank Theater in 2017. Music and vocals by Eric Grunin.

We wrote this song when the threats against journalists were ramping up at the beginning of the administration (approx. 8000 years ago). The character we imagined to be singing this song was a future vaudevillian Press Secretary addressing the media.